Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quick Review: Microprose Soccer (C64, 1989)

Omg, second mini review in a row. How can this be. Ahem. Anyway, Microprose Soccer is generally considered one of the two best football games on the C64 (the other one being Emlyn Hughes). For the record, I consider Emlyn a superior game, but overall my favorite C64 footie game is Liverpool, which came out very late in 1993, so not a lot of people are familiar with it. Now, I hadn't played Microprose Soccer in a while, so it was interesting coming across it once again. I used to like it a lot back in the day, but then I sort of recognized all the flaws it has.

The thing is, Microprose Soccer has a very rigid structure. It doesn't have the chance factor which all the great football games have, like Sensible Soccer. Tackling and scoring in Microprose Soccer are very formulaic affairs, very robotic I should say. Nevertheless, as you progress against superior teams, the game works this disadvantage to it's favor, by getting really hectic, and you rushing to implement even what they are very formulaic tactics. So, I'll give it a positive score, because you can have fun playing this, just as long as you don't play it for too long.


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