Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quick Review: Kid Dracula (Gameboy, 1993)

Right, before I start on this one, I wanna say that, for me, the original Gameboy remains the ultimate portable gaming system. There is something which just feels right about the basic B&W graphics, which sort of reduce the games to the basics, which is when you can really tell whether a game is good or not. Now, about Kid Dracula, which is a sort of parody of the Castlevania series: this is pretty much your basic platformer, but done right.

I suppose the thing which makes the game stand out is that you get different attack-powers as you progress, and the game puts you in situations where you have to use every one of them. Also, despite the basic Gameboy graphics, the game succeeds in giving each world a distinct and charming look. Finally, there is variety to be found here. You don't just shoot and run, each level has something different to offer than the previous one. So there you have it, this is pretty good game, which you should try if you're into the Gameboy, or retro games in general.


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