Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quick Review: DoReMi Fantasy (SNES, 1996)

Ok, so I hadn't written anything in ages, and I still don't feel like writing a long piece, taking too many snapshots and so on, but I thought I'd write a quickie instead. I was looking for games to play, so I came across DoReMi Fantasy in one of Racket Boy's features. It's your typical platformer, whereas you embark on a quest, and you jump and run (and shoot) on opponents. So here's the thing, Do-Re-Mi Fantasy is a little masterpiece, perhaps even better than Super Mario World.

Why is that? One thing: the lovely graphics, comprising the equally lovely worlds, which are also enhanced by the lovely music. Oh, the gameplay is excellent too. It plays like a cross between Super Mario World and The Addams Family, with a bit of Robocod thrown in for good measure. It's also easier than any of these three games, which in my book makes it better (I really don't like excessively difficult games). But like I said, the graphics, wow, they really make you "live" the whole experience. Check it out and you'll know what I mean.



Anonymous said...

That's a game I want to track down. I saw it on a "top 25" snes list but forgot to look for it. Thanks for the reminder!


Jim Slip said...

Go for it, definitely.

Eric said...

Interesting! Consider as the latest to consider checking this game out!