Friday, January 9, 2009

McDonaldland longplay part 2 (C64, 1992)

Alright, here's part two of the McDonaldland longplay. It's a biggie, so there's gonna be many more parts. -) This is still world-one in the game, where things are still somewhat faithful to the NES original, albeit almost in slow motion.


Merman said...

That was my major gripe with McDonald Land - it felt too slow, and so it never really grabbed me. Some nice ideas, like walking on the ceiling, but Mario does it so much better...

Jim Slip said...

Merman, the C64 conversion sucks badly. -(

Check out the NES original to see what I mean. I use the VirtuaNES emulator, and you can download the rom from PlanetEmu.

The first two worlds in the C64 version are somewhat faithful, but it seems to me as if the the programmers just did a rush-job with the rest.