Friday, January 2, 2009

McDonaldland longplay part 1 (C64, 1992)

Now here's something different.. a longplay! McDonaldland was a platformer that came fairly late in the C64's commercial lifetime, and it was a conversion of a NES game. Mystifyingly, both Commodore Format and Zzap64 (aka Commodore Force) gave the game somewhat positive reviews (both in the low 70's range), which was weird seeing as the game was an appalling conversion. There's a ridiculous number of bugs to be found (unforgivable for a commercial release), it's terribly slow, there's a general lack of enemies, and later levels look rather unfinished. But it sort of has a charming fairy-tale like atmosphere, one not unlike Super Mario World, and there's a fair bit of variety to be found. Check it out.

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