Friday, April 10, 2009

Midnight Resistance (C64, 1990)

Hmm, what do we have here? It's a coin-op conversion of a classic early-90's run 'n' gunner. You're some kinda commando type, and some bad dudes have kidnapped your family. Naturally, you get your guns and go after them in a multi-level killing spree. You know it makes sense.

So anyway, it's a shoot-em-up platformer. Mind, it's not your average walk-left-to right affair, rather a multi directional, multi weapons (from flame-throwers to rocket launchers), and multi enemies (from tanks to helicopters, and from enemy-commandos to F-16's) extravaganza. Cool.

Not being familiar with the arcade original, I actually sat and watched an Amiga longplay in YouTube, to see how the good ol' C64 compares with a 16-bitter. And I tell you what, it's pretty damn good. Naturally, 16-bit graphics fare better, but the action is pretty much the same, if not superior.

Indeed, there were times when the Amiga game looked a bit stuffed and rigid, whereas the C64 version looked more flexible and playable. And when I say that the 16-bit graphics fare better, don't assume that the graphics in the c64 version are bad. Far from it. Most levels have beautifully drawn backdrops, while variety comes aplenty. Just look at those screenshots.

The action is fast and furious, mean and addictive. Occasionally hard, but never frustrating. And if you spend some time playing it, you're guaranteed to be able to finish it. No problem. But hey, it's such a cool little game that you might want to do it again.



Donncha O Caoimh said...

Yup, loved that game. It came in a promo pack with my 1541-II disk drive one Christmas, in 1990 or 1991 I suppose?

Must dig it out and give it a go in Vice again.

Merman said...

Yep, the Night Moves/Mindbenders pack...

A good effort capturing quite a bit of the game, but problems like flicker stopping your bullets hitting a target and the sloppy ladder controls ultimately make it just too annoying for me... Very difficult to pack the rotational control onto a single stick.

Jim Slip said...

Merman, I never had any problems with flicker on this. I do agree about the rotational control though. It was all too easy to jump, when all you really wanted to do was aim your weapon higher.