Saturday, December 22, 2007

Commodore Format 4 (January 1991)

Here's another CF issue, number 4 from January 1991. A good month as 100 pages of printed material prove. There's reviews of Robocop 2, Navy Seals, Puzznic, Helter Skelter, Summer Camp, Shadow of the Beast, Pang and others. Also, there's a few good features, most notably Gordon Houghton's excellent coverage of the classics. Last but not least, there was an fantastic covertape, with demos of Robocop 2 and Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, and 2 great full games (Beyond the Forbidden Forest and Bounder).

Again, all credit for the scans goes to Mort from the Zzuperstore, while I did some cropping and contrasting myself.

Get the issue here.


Merman said...

Let's Go Karting. Wibble!

Gordon's A-Z is a great feature, and helped me in compiling the list of games for my book on Commodore 64 games

Jim Slip said...

Yup, Gordon's feature was a great guide for discovering the classics in that "difficult" era of C64-gaming.