Saturday, October 20, 2007

Commodore Format 20 (May 1992)

Here's another issue of Commodore Format for your collection. Yes, the C64 was still going strong in 1992, as reviews of Space Crusade, Budokan and Bonanza Bros prove. Also reviewed are Stryker In The Crypts Of Trogan, G-Loc and Murray Mouse, while Bod Squad and Steg The Slug get the preview treatment. A reasonable covertape too.

Get the issue here. More to come in the future. Also, don't forget that there's a number of issues available at the Commodore Format library.


Merman said...

2 full games, 2 demos... it was a decent tape.

Jim Slip said...

Well, most of the tapes had 2 full games and 2 demos. -)

Until issue 30 something at least, when new releases became a rare occurrence.

qazimod said...

Ever thought about getting in touch with the CF Library people and contibuting missing issues? I would have if we didn't throw practically all of ours out... :(

(I think we kept the Power Packs though. :P )

Jim Slip said...

There's only one guy behind the CF library, Peter James Holl. Sadly he's gone AWOL and can't be contacted anymore. What's weird is that the site is still there, so he must still be paying for the hosting and domain.

Also, keep in mind that he already has all the issues, since Mort from the Zzap64 site sent them to him on dvd.

The whole thing is a bit of a mystery.

Dave said...

Any chance some of these issues can be rehosted? I'm particularly interested in this one [Issue 20]