Sunday, September 23, 2007

Commodore Format 18 (March 1992)

Well, once upon a time a nice chap named Peter James Holl set up a website dedicated to Commodore Format, one of the two great C64 magazines (the other being Zzap64). Sadly, and even though he was doing a great job, the last time he updated it was in 2004. The site is still online and it has scans of over 25 issues, so why not give it a visit. In the meantime, I decided to fill some of the gaps, so here's issue number 18 from March 1992.

The issue has reviews of Indy Heat, Winter Camp, Demon Blues, Final Fight, Robocop 3 and others. Also previews of Beavers (which was never released eventually), Chuck Rock and Winter Super Sports '92. Finally there's a nice feature on RPGs. The scans are contained in a zip file, so you'll need either WinZip or WinRar to extract them. But hey, I guess everybody has those, right?


Merman said...

An interesting covertape. Sphinx Jinx was also known as Total Eclipse 2, and had previously only been available to members of The Home Computer Club (a mail-order company that worked in the same way as a book club). And Fast was a reader/homebrew game which was good fun in two player mode.

Jim Slip said...

Yeah, it was great that the two major mags had good covertapes back then. It was getting well-nigh impossible obtaining C64 games in the shops (hell, it was getting difficult even getting pirated games). So for CF and Zzap to feature games like Lords of Midnight and Uridium in the covertapes was just great.

I think that with Trenton Webb as editor Commodore Format took a turn for the worse though. It was at it's best with Steve Jarrat, while Colin Campbell gave it more pages and stuff.

James Leach was a particularly crap reviewer.

Jason said...

Urididium!? I haven't heard that name in a long time. My younger brother and I used to play that one all the time. This and Bad Street Brawler were 2 of my favotite non-NES games. Back in the 80s Nintendo was life. It didn't amtter what game you played on what sytem(or arcade for that matter), you were "playing Nintendo". Thanks for the flashback! :)